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About Madluc

Madluc (OFS) roared into retail cultural consciousness in 1999, with some neatly customized business and a quaint notion that doing something is more fun than just selling something. The Madluc Agency is a step bigger than a brand: it’s a culture. Our openness and enthusiasm strike a chord with people, wherever they are…

We didn’t set out only to sell quality custom product and hand-built items, but to celebrate a culture of creativity. The Madluc showroom/headquarters in Wilmington, North Carolina immediately became a ‘run-what-you-brung’ resourcefulness and street-honest industrial trade-station. The second trade-station in Knoxville, Tennessee – its inclusiveness, authenticity, and enthusiasm is all rolled into one for the benefit across the world.

The Madluc philosophy recalls an era before the various pursuits of fun – surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, motocross, whatever – were marketed into fundamentalist factions. All are welcomed under the Madluc Agency where there’s simply respect for the honesty and enjoyment of the sport-of-life. It’s a simple and sincere pitch that has worked across the world.



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